Rapid Air Drying Booth Systems

Features Included In All Of Our Booth Systems:

  • Provides even metal surface temperatures
  • Does not use an air compressor
  • Air is filtered
  • Reduces bake cycle times
  • System produces a vortex motion around vehicle which enhances dry times
  • Low maintenance/user friendly hands free operation
  • Comes with an 12 month manufacturer warranty

* It is the customer's responsibility to verify power requirements before ordering.

Customized systems available with Variable Frequency Drive.
Please call for pricing.

Portable 110 VAC single phase systems available.
Warm dry air movement up to 500 ft/min.
Call for pricing.

RAK 100 Booth System

RAK 100

Product Features:

RAK 175 Booth System

RAK 175

Product Features:

RAK 251 Booth System

RAK 251

Product Features:

RAK 253 Booth System

RAK 253

Product Features: