Authorized Electricians Recommended by Hahn Marketing

Hahn Rapid Air Drying Systems do require some expertise for installation. To make this process easier Hahn Marketing LLC has established a network of licensed electricians and service professionals to assist your collision shop in installing the Rapid Air Drying System. Our list of professional service technicians covers the majority of southeastern Michigan and extends into northwestern Ohio. Simply contact Hahn Marketing at (313) 291-3600 to find an authorized business partner in your area.

Waterborne Coating Products

Waterborne paint coating is a less toxic, water-based alternative to lacquer and acrylic enamels. Environmental regulations have increased in recent years and will eventually require all paint shops to use low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paint in order to comply. Paint manufacturers are also moving quickly to develop low-VOC primers and clear-coat products in addition to the color coats available now.